The Hunt for that Elusive Drop Ship Vendor

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Finding a specific product that is available for dropshipping can often seem like an impossible task. With a little patience and some detective work you should be able to find a supplier for your particular product. A few of the methods described below will require a little human interaction, so be sure to brush up on the people skills since the best of business relationships are often forged through verbal communication. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Contact the Manufacturer – Contact the manufacturer and request information on their distributors and drop shippers.
  2. Ask a Vendor – Find the product that you are looking for from a wholesale vendor and inquire as to whether dropshipping is available.
  3. Ask Around – Try family, friends and related forums on the internet.
  4. Look Around – Go to trade shows and conventions.
  5. Search – Try searching Google using the product name plus a phrase such as, “we do not sell to the public” or “blind drop ship”

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